Revolutions of Legal Tech and the Emergence of the Modern Law Firm

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  •  Author: Jens Näsström
  • Study time: 20 min
Course overview
Legal tech is often discussed in terms of future disruption, AI, etc. The past legal tech revolutions are often overlooked and misunderstood - even though they have been absolutely critical for the development of the modern firm and its radical growth. They also enable the firms to make it through the pandemic, and paved the way for flexible working arrangements and hybrid work. 
Properly understood, the legal revolutions of the past allow for a precise understanding of some of the most important issues today in law firm management – in terms of leadership, work-life balance, collaboration, and bottom-line outcomes. They also challenge us to think hard about real changes in law firms and the way they are so difficult to manifest.
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Jens Näsström

Occupational Psychologist and independent researcher, specialized in lawyers since 2005. He trains CLE/CPD (continued legal education or continued professional development) at the Swedish Bar Association, and previously at the Swedish Bar Exam, and in law firms.

Currently the Head of Research at the Lawyer Performance Project, his research partnerships include the Swedish Bar Association, the Swedish Company Lawyers Association, Thomson Reuters, and several of the most prominent law firms in the Nordics.

Jens also knows a thing or two about student life, having studied psychology at five universities: University of Stockholm, University of New Orleans, Karolinska Institutet, Loyola University at New Orleans, and Södertörn University.
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